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Dr. Jarod Doster

My first chiropractor wasn’t able to help me!

Chiropractor Asheville Dr. Jarod DosterAfter having suffered back pain for years and seeing several medical doctors who told me I had a pulled muscle, I decided to give Chiropractic a try. Although my Chiropractor was unable to help me, he diagnosed my problem as a kidney related issue that my Medical doctor had missed. My chiropractor then referred me to a specialist where my problem was corrected.

After my first exposure to chiropractic, my chiropractor became my go-to doctor for all of my aches and pains. Being a high end competitive water skier, I was constantly crashing and contorting my body into unhealthy positions. I was amazed at the results I received through chiropractic care compared to my previous experience of take two aspirin and call in the morning. No more aches and pains, my athletic performance improved, my sleep was better and I had more energy.

Chiropractic Education

I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I graduated cum laude with honors in research and I was published for my research. I then attended Chiropractic school at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas where I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic. I graduated 5th in my class of over 100, I was voted top radiology student in my class and continued for further training and received my board certification in Chiropractic Neurology.

I underwent many changes during my years in chiropractic school, the biggest was my view on health. I was brought up like the majority of people. Health was something that you only thought about when you were sick and when you did get sick, you took a pill to treat whatever symptoms you were experiencing. Chiropractic school made me rethink that view and the importance of my health. I learned that being pain free is only part of being health. Healthy is when every system in your body, from nerves to nutrition, is performing optimally.

My biggest inspiration was Dr. Ted Carrick, founder of chiropractic neurology. Dr. Carrick said that we are still in the baby stages of understanding the body. We already know that Chiropractic works, but as our knowledge increases we have to be ready to change what we have always taken for granted. In other words just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. We need to strive to keep an open mind or we are likely to miss out on a lot of great things.

Working Toward a Healthy Community

My goal is to help my patients, and through them my community, achieve optimal health through chiropractic care. The majority of patients enter our office in search of pain relief and we are great at pain relief. However, as a doctor of chiropractic, pain relief is not my only goal. Through examination and diagnosis we strive to identify the underlying cause of the complaint and then focus on treating the cause and not just the symptom. This sounds logical but the American health care system is largely a “pain relief only” system. Have a headache take Tylenol, indigestion…take Tums, as long as the symptom is eliminated we are happy, until it happens again.

This approach is a recipe for disaster. Pain is a warning signal telling us something is wrong and we need to do something. Identifying the underlying cause of the problem allows us to treat the cause of a patient’s pain and not only eliminate pain but focus on preventing its return. The patients that respond best to care are those that follow recommendations. They show up for their scheduled appointments, do their home exercises and therapies and are serious about wanting to correct the underlying cause and not just put a band aid on the pain.

The most satisfying experiences I have are those with life changing results. I had an 11 year old boy that was brought to my office with bedwetting complaints. He went to bed around 9pm and his parents woke him up to use the bathroom at 11pm before they went to bed. He set an alarm for 3am every night to go to the bathroom again and with all of this he still wet the bed 4 to 6 times a week. He had to wear diapers when he spent the night at friends and hoped they wouldn’t find out. He had been to medical doctor after medical doctor after specialist after specialist all to no avail. Finally his medical doctor had recommended a chiropractor. With my specialty training in neurology I was able to diagnose his problem as a nerve problem and with only two weeks of treatment his problem was gone.

On a personal note…

I have been married to Tanya Doster for 18 years and have two wonderful children, Cole and Logan. My wife and I met 22 years ago after being introduced by my uncle and we hit it off immediately. Even though she was only visiting, we continued a long distance relationship, Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX for four years. After getting married we moved to Dallas, TX to attend Chiropractic school, where I graduated in 1999 and she in 2000. I enjoy water skiing and have been competing for 20 years. I am a 5 time SC state champion and hold the SC state record for slalom. My oldest son also slaloms and has been competing since he was 6 years old.

Balance is the key word to describe my health habits. I receive Chiropractic care monthly to maintain spinal health, and as needed to help with aches and pains. In addition to competitive water skiing, I practice Tae Kwon Do 3-4 times a week with my kids and supplement this with yoga and weight/cardio training. My wife is an avid yoga practitioner and is in charge of family nutrition. We strive to eat organic, avoid fast food and religiously take our daily vitamin supplements. I have found this routine does an excellent job maintaining my health in addition to an annual visit to my family medical physician. I am a firm believer in medicine, medications and surgery WHEN NEEDED.

I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how chiropractic may be able to help you. Contact us today and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.

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